How do I use pancam?

PanCam beta is now available to all for use on

The new app developed by Chaturbate allows you to grant tippers control of your camera. Use PanCam as an incentive for fans to tip you even more in your chat room.

  • Supported Devices:
    • Logitech PTZ Pro (Recommended)
    • Logitech BCC950
              Note: Of the two cameras, the Logitech PTZ Pro offers a superior experience. 
  • Chaturbate PanCam Desktop Client  

To set up your camera:
1. Connect the camera to its power source.
2. Connect the camera USB cable to your computer.
3. Select the Camera on the Broadcast Yourself page.

Note: Do not use the camera remote while running the PanCam app. The zoom position will become out of sync with the app and will not zoom properly.

Next, download the PanCam desktop client.

Download PanCam Desktop Client:
1. Download the desktop client, which can be found here:
2. On this page, you will also find your PanCam Token.
3. Launch the PanCam client and select your device.
4. Enter your username and token.
5. Click Connect.

Now you are able to launch a PanCam app or bot.

Launch a PanCam App or Bot:
1. On the Broadcast Yourself page, select “Choose an App” (or Bot).
2. Select the “PanCam” checkbox in the “Filter Apps” option to see PanCam specific apps or bots.

3. Select the App/Bot and configure the settings.
4. Launch App/Bot

You are now ready to start broadcasting.

Troubleshooting Tips: 
  • Cameras that use digital zoom like the BCC950 will zoom in farther at lower broadcast resolutions.
  • If the zoom feature does not appear to be working (zooming out instead of in), your app may have become out of sync which can happen if the remote is used. To reset, unplug your camera and restart the app.
  • If your broadcast screen is black, shut down the PanCam desktop client and refresh your browser. Connect to your Camera and confirm that you see the preview in the window before connecting to the camera in the PanCam desktop client.
  • Restarting your PanCam app and refreshing your broadcast page will resolve most issues.    

Note for Mac Users: Depending on your security settings, you will need to go into “Security & Privacy” to authorize launching the desktop client.

Note for Windows Users: If you are using Windows Defender, it may quarantine the desktop client download. To mark the file as safe, follow the steps here:

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