Chaturbate Video PoPs and Ingest Points

About our PoPs


Chaturbate has points of presence (PoP) all over the world for ingesting and serving video; and is always expanding to new locations. Our network is designed to give you the best video wherever you are, and resilience against failures.


When viewing the site you will be automatically routed to the best video server based on your location and load. When using an external encoder, you can choose a specific ingest point that gives you the best performance.


You can run a speedtest directly from most of our PoPs by using this page, this will give a much better indication of your performance from our servers compared to generic ones.



Map of our PoPs


These urls can be directly entered into an external encoder to stream to a specific pop. If a Pop is down for maintenance, the request will be automatically routed to the next closest.




North America

USA Southwest

Location: Phoenix, AZ
RTMP URL: rtmp://

USA Central

Location: Chicago, IL
RTMP URL: rtmp://

USA South East

Location: Atlanta, GA
RTMP URL: rtmp://

USA North East

Location: North Virginia
RTMP URL: rtmp://





EU West 1

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
RTMP URL: rtmp://

EU West 2

Location: Alblasserdam, Netherlands
RTMP URL: rtmp://

EU East

Location: Serbia
RTMP URL: rtmp://





Asia North East 1

Location: Tokyo, Japan
RTMP URL: rtmp://

Asia South East

Location: Singapore
RTMP URL: rtmp://

Australia East

Location: Sydney, Australia
RTMP URL: rtmp://




South America

South America East

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
RTMP URL: rtmp://



Future POPs

USA West

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Arriving June 2018

USA North West

Location: Seattle, Washington
Arriving July 2018

EU West 3

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Arriving Q3 2018

South America North

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Arriving Q3 2018

EU South West 1

Location: Madrid, Spain
Arriving Q4 2018

EU South 1

Location: Milan, Italy
Arriving Q4 2018

EU East 2

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Arriving Q4 2018


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