What are apps and bots?

Apps allow users to customize the chat room experience. You can alter messages, count tips, set timers, send messages to the room, and more. With this toolset, the number of fun games that can be created for chat rooms are endless.

Bots are a special type of app that have less functions than an app, but still serve a purpose in the chat room. Each room can run many bots tailored to any broadcaster's style.



You can use Chaturbate Apps by going to "Broadcast Yourself" and clicking on the "Apps & Bots" tab (this tab will be shown by default).



Anyone can create an app! All apps are written in javascript.

Anyone who is familiar with javascript will have no problem writing apps. Want to improve an existing app? All apps are open source. Just copy and paste the source from an app, modify it, and create your own app with it.

Viewing source code from featured apps is a great way to learn how to build your own apps. Just remember, it's polite to give credit if you copy someone else's app. More information is available here.

Have any questions? Please contact Chaturbate Support by clicking here.

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