Suggestions for independent broadcasters

1. Use social media. Direct traffic to your chatroom by being active on social media platforms like Twitter.  Keep hashtags ready to copy & paste to your posts on all of your devices. Follow us on Twitter @chaturbate.  We can help promote you to our followers.

2. Be engaging! Talk to the users in your room and ask them to follow you.  While you should interact with all of the users in your room, remember that blue and purple users have tokens, and greys always have the opportunity to purchase tokens. Keep in mind that an anonymous user could be your biggest fan. Encourage anonymous users to create an account and to hit your ‘+FOLLOW’ button!

3. Ask your fans to help you improve your webcam setup with a new laptop or webcam. Build up your camming wardrobe with lingerie or perhaps some new toys.  Fans want to see you happy and successful, and they'll want to help you!

4. Complete your bio. Your bio is your first opportunity to tell users about yourself and explain the rules of your chatroom. We highly recommend putting some time and thought into your bio because it does make a difference.

5. Check your connection. Use a wired internet connection if possible, or ensure you have a strong connection to your wireless router.  It’s recommended to have high speed internet, so check into any upgrade options you may have with your ISP.


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