What is the daily payout program?

Daily Payouts gives broadcasters the option to receive their money faster.

To qualify:

  • U.S. based broadcasters must have already received 2 normal payouts
  • International broadcasters must have already received 4 normal payouts

Don't qualify yet?  Contact support and we will see if you can be added to the program.

Broadcasters may only request a daily payout after they cash out their tokens in "Token Stats".   If you do not convert your tokens, you will not see any amount available to request a daily payout.  Once you convert tokens, you will see money in the "Available Amount" box.  



When will I receive my daily payout?

Daily payouts are processed every business day. If you are receiving Paxum, you should receive your daily payout within 1 business day.  If you are receiving CheckACH or Wire, your payment will be sent the next business day.  Example:  If you request a daily payout wire transfer on a Friday night, it will not be sent until Monday morning.  

What is the fee for a daily payout?

There is a $3.95 fee for using daily payouts.  The fee is only charged once per day, so you can add to your daily payout request multiple times within the same day, and only get charged one fee.

What is the minimum amount I can request for a daily payout?

You will need at least $20.00 in converted tokens before you can request a daily payout for Check, ACH, or Paxum.  You will need at least $500.00 in converted tokens before you can request a daily payout for Wire.  Also, if there is a processing fee for your method of payment, your "Available Amount" must cover the fee in addition to the above minimum.

How do I request a daily payout?

You can request a daily payout at the bottom of https://chaturbate.com/affiliates/stats/.  If you qualify, you will see a section titled Request Daily Payout.  If you do not qualify yet, please contact support to see if you can be added.

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