Why can't I view the broadcaster's show?

If you enter a broadcaster's room and you are unable to view the show, check your browser settings:

We recommend using Google Chrome as a browser, which can be downloaded at http://google.com/chrome

You can also try clearing your browser’s cache as far back as it will go.

Please confirm your browser or firewall settings are not too restricting. Kaspersky software and Chrome extensions have been known to cause issues. If you are using a VPN to access the site, please try disabling it or using a different VPN location to see if that improves the problem.

If you've done the above and are still having issues, please run our custom speedtest here: http://chaturbate.speedtestcustom.com/ and send us a screenshot of the results at support@chaturbate.com. Any screenshots of the issue you are seeing will also help us to troubleshoot better.


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