Rules and Privacy


Know the Rules

Before broadcasting, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Code of Conduct and Terms for the full and up to date rules.


Protect your Privacy

It’s important to protect your privacy. Keep in mind these important tips:

  • For your privacy, it’s best to pick usernames not associated with any of your personal accounts or your real name.
  • Be mindful of revealing your PII (personally identifiable information) to reduce the likelihood of being a target of doxxing (disclosure of your personal information). Also keep in mind what are you displaying on cam and if it could be tied back to your PII, such as shipping labels, papers lying around, landmarks, etc.
  • We strongly advise you to never give out your location or information which could be used to figure out your location.
  • For extra privacy, it’s highly recommended to block your home state from viewing your room. Check out this article on how to block certain regions. Although regional blocking is a helpful tool, please note people do travel and there are tools out there to change one's IP address, so it is possible people in a blocked area might see your broadcast and/or account.
  • Amazon wishlists, if not configured correctly, may display your full name and city to anyone that visits the wishlist. Be sure to check your public wishlist URL before displaying it on your bio. Regarding your wishlist shipping address, you may want to consider using a PO Box to protect your privacy.


Is it possible someone might record my broadcast without my permission?

As noted in our Privacy Policy, unfortunately the answer is yes. With the nature of live streaming, it is possible for people to record your show if they have the right software or even just a phone pointed at their screen. You may wish to use a personal watermark or symbol on top of your broadcast so your brand is associated with the video.  You can add a watermark with software such as Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) or other cam filtering applications.  Check out the “Setting up your Stream” section below for more on how to integrate OBS into your room.  Additionally, some independent broadcasters use Chaturbate apps which hide your stream from anonymous users or users with no tokens.  This can potentially reduce your exposure to accounts that might be there only to record your broadcasts.

If you find your content anywhere on the internet, Chaturbate offers a free content takedown notice service. Submit a request here with direct links to the content and support will assist you with sending these notices.

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