RTMP Streaming with XSplit

Windows users can use XSplit as an alternative to OBS.  Download the XSplit Broadcaster software here:  https://www.xsplit.com/broadcaster

Chaturbate Streaming Setup

  1.  In XSplit Broadcaster, go to Broadcast > Set up a new output > Custom RTMP

  2. In RTMP URL field enter: rtmp://live.stream.highwebmedia.com/live-origin


  3. In the “Stream Name” field enter your OBS stream key (aka Broadcast Token) which you can find on your broadcast page.

  4. Depending on your resolution selection, you will need to change the “Bitrate” setting.  Here are the suggested bitrates for your selected resolution:

    Resolution (WxH) Video Bitrate
    853x480 800 - 1200 kbps
    1024x576 1200 - 3000 kbps
    1280x720 3000 - 5000 kbps
    1920x1080 5000 - 8000 kbps
    2560x1440 8000 - 12000 kbps
    3840x2160 12000 - 20000 kbps
  5. After selecting a bitrate, we recommend using the bandwidth tester to determine if your computer and connection can handle the selected bitrate.  Click the “Test Bandwidth” button (next to Stream Name) to test your selected bitrate.

  6. After 30 seconds you will see the “Calculated average data rate”.  We suggest using this rate or slightly below for the best quality stream.

  7. Save your settings by clicking “OK.”

  8. Add your camera by going to “Add source” in the bottom left-hand corner of XSplit and going to Devices > Video.  Select your camera from the list.

  9. To start broadcasting go back to Broadcast in the menu and select the “Custom RTMP” you just setup.   This is also the way you will stop your broadcast when you are done.


  10. Your broadcast will start and you should see “Streaming Live” at the top of the XSplit Broadcaster software.  


  11. In Chaturbate you will see your broadcast status:


FPS and Resolution Settings

FPS of 30.00 is recommended.


Please ensure you have sufficient bandwidth for the resolution selected:

Resolution Minimum Upload Bandwidth Needed
853x480 2 mbps
1280x720 (HD) 5 mbps
1920x1080 10 mbps
2560x1440 16 mbps
3840x2160 (4k) 20 mbps

To change your resolution select the upper right hand menu > Resolution > Select resolution.


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