OBS/RTMP Information & Settings

If you are familiar with OBS/RTMP pushing, these are the settings relevant to pushing to Chaturbate.


In general you should push the highest quality stream your setup is capable of. We will automatically transcode your stream to multiple qualities to suit every viewer's connection.

RTMP URL (See link above for more): rtmp://live.stream.highwebmedia.com/live-origin
Codec: H.264 Video, AAC Audio.
Aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 only.
Resolution: From a height of 240 pixels up to 4k (2160 pixels).
Frame Rate: 24-30fps, or 48-60fps for high frame rate (See note below.)
Bitrate: Up to 50 Mbps Video, 192 Kbps Audio - Must be CBR.
Key Frame Interval: Any reasonable value; between 2-5s is good.
H.264 Profile: Main or High preferred; baseline is acceptable.

Frame Rate

We support streams up to 60 fps, however we highly recommend not to use a higher frame rate unless you have a high quality camera (Not a webcam) capable of supporting these frame rates. High frame rates are commonly used when streaming video games, but have little effect on webcam streams. Broadcasting the same resolution at a high frame rate will increase your bandwidth requirement. 

Note: When broadcasting at 4k, a maximum frame rate of 30 fps is permitted.

Important Information:

  • Do not upscale your source input (e.g. using a 1080p camera to a 1440p stream).
  • Ensure you use the minimum video bitrate specified in this table for a given resolution: Recommended Settings Table.
  • You may only have copyrighted content -- including music, movies, and video games -- in your stream if you are the rights holder or have the permission of all rights holders.

Failure to keep to the above may result in your exclusion from using OBS on Chaturbate.

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