Tips & Tokens

Once you are age verified, community members can send you tips with tokens. You will see a notice in the chat that indicates the username of who sent the tip and the amount they have tipped. Tips are accompanied by a sound effect (unless you disable it) and update your token balance instantly.  


A lot of independent broadcasters have certain token amounts that make them want to do certain things, like remove their shirt or play a game. Consider creating a tip menu within your bio and/or within an App or Bot to let community members know what token amounts get you excited and how. This can also help set guidelines for what you are comfortable with doing. There are also helpful Bots available that post your tip menu when a viewer comes into your room:

You can also set tip goals to encourage viewers to tip before putting on your show. Apps and Bots are also helpful at tracking your tip goal progress.

Remember, tokens should be sent by community members when they are enjoying your show and not to try to demand anything from you. If you see anyone demanding anything, please let support know. Moderators can also be helpful in these instances.

To cash out your tokens and get paid, go to the "Broadcast Yourself" page and click "Token Stats," there you’ll see a link to “Transfer tokens to cash.” Once your tokens are converted, the payout will be processed according to your selections here:


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